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Affordable luxury pools with complete end to end service

Our precast concrete plunge pools are affordable, high-quality, and swim-ready in under 72hrs (including excavation). All pools are ready-made and finished with full interior tiling and stone coping to your requirements.

Up to a 35% saving

With a precast plunge pool, expect a 35% cost saving compared to an equivalent custom concrete pool, plus the luxury of complete internal tiling. We use only high-end Spanish tile & imported stone. Finance available.

10 year guarantee

We give a 10yr guarantee on finishes (tiling and stone coping). Our innovative designs are built to strict quality guidelines following extensive R&D and testing.

Local experts

We offer a range of full-size precast and plunge pools, from 6m in length to 2.5m. All swimming pools have mosaic tiles and natural stone surrounds to suit your aesthetic needs.

Our Pools

Our selection of high quality precast pools

Full size pools

from $60,000

9m, 8m, 7m, 6m, 5m


Includes: Excavation, installation, fully tiled interior, stone coping, filtration.

Plunge pools

from $54,000

4m, 3m, 2.5m


Includes: Excavation, installation, fully tiled interior, stone coping, filtration.

Precast plunge pool and custom pool options

We offer a range of precast full size pools and plunge pools, from 6m in length to 2.5m. All pools have mosaic tiles and natural stone surrounds to suit your aesthetic needs.

Our process

They are completed within 72 hours and ready to swim. It includes excavation, cranage, backfilling, pipework, electrical and commissioning.

End to end service

Pools by Pavilions emphasis is on customer satisfaction. We manage the process from council approvals, compliance, design, installation, filtration and heating, complete landscaping, fencing, and certification. Multi-award-winning precast concrete pool builders carry it all out.

How we can help

Frequently asked questions

We’re not your average swimming pool builder. We work with you to achieve the best outcome. Pools by Pavilions can guide you through every stage of designing and installing your ideal pool.

Yes, once excavation is complete Pools by Pavilions will have your precast swimming pool ready to swim in 72 hours. Our process is simple and efficient.

There are a few steps involved in installing a new swimming pool:

  1. Free on-site consultation with one of our consultants
  1. Receive quote and sign contract
  2. We will arrange all documents and seek all necessary approvals for you
  3. Installation of the pool – Excavation, sub-base preparation and crane lift the pool into place.
  4. Install all associated pool fencing and surrounds requested
  5. Pool handover

Certainly, we cover all areas along the South coast from the Illawarra down south to Eden, including the Snowy Mountain areas, Southern Highlands and West including Goulburn and outer districts.

We can work with any space. We can use an assortment of cranes to access complex sites. We have small machines that only need 900mm of access to complete the job. We have even crane lifted the excavator into the area and removed the dirt via a conveyor system.

Certainly. We offer a choice of pools –
  • Our Precast fully tiled plunge pool range,
  • Our Precast fully tiled full-size pool range,
  • Custom-made concrete pool,

There is always an option that we can provide, that will suit your property and within the council requirements for your area.

Pools by Pavilions are a fully licensed boutique business and swimming pool builder that is honest and transparent. Craig and Paul are hands-on in performing the onsite work. They care about you, your project and the outcome. They are licensed builders and landscapers who have produced high-end projects for 30 years and developed a solid reputation for delivering quality projects and complete service.

All our pools have all the necessary filtration equipment to run your pool. We offer water quality that will suit you and your family, from Mineral to the Purest water available to swim in.
We can supply robotic cleaners and offer our customers significant discounts off the RRP.
All our systems are the best filtration and cleaning equipment on the market, offered to you cheaper than you can find anywhere else.

Why Pavilions

See what our past clients have to say

At different stages of our client’s projects, we ask for feedback regarding our services, quality and processes. We value the opinions of all our clients as it allows us to improve our service: product, and the management of our business.

Our testimonials and an extensive list of NSW and Australian awards speak for themselves and establish us as architectural, building and pool excellence leaders.


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